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Posted on - December 1st 2005.

Jacques Villeneuve will stay with BMW Sauber Formula One Team

Former series champion Jacques Villeneuve will try to improve on a poor season when he returns to the BMW Sauber Formula One team.

The team said Thursday that the former Indianapolis 500 winner will be back in 2006. He’ll join Nick Heidfeld, who drove for the Williams team this year.

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Finally an Exciting F1 Season!

It’s about time… I’m not sure that all the rule changes worked out the way they were supposed to.. In fact they changed the qualifying rules again, but thats okay with me. It cost the teams more money to change the engines so they are up to spec than the 2 weekend engine use actually saves them.. But thats okay as well.. Whats another few million to these guys?? :rolleyes_tb: They are spending 200-500 million dollars a year already. Just do a bit of shuffling with the fund allocation, and there you go.. Problems solved…


All the changes are okay with me, because finally we have an exciting season! During the last 4-5 years, even to a Ferrari fan like myself, the sport became so predictable that it was almost getting boring to watch. Almost, I say, because Ferrari was winning.. And winning big time.. And F1 is the most technically sophisticated auto racing around, so with the occasional drama thrown into the mix, I was still able to make myself get up at 4:30 am for over 10 weekends during the season, so I can watch the races live..

(I have to watch them live.. To me, watching it on tape is just not the same.. Unless there is no way around it.. In that case, it’s still almost as much fun as a live race.) But I like knowing that my friends in Europe, my grandfather, Ali, and everyone around the world is seeing the race and even though we are a world apart, when shit happens, we are all pissed off or happy at the same moment..

So, this years F1 season Rocks! With Alonzo and Kimmi battling for top positions, Ferrari trying desperately to catch up, and with Jacques Villeneuve, and at times Paul Stoddard along with the rest of the mid-back marker team members causing a bit of drama, I can hardly wait for the green flag to drop… The next two races will be here in North America, so we actually get to watch the races when most people are awake.. I’m sure my neighbors will be happy about that.. Although lately I have been much better about keeping my 15″ sub woofer and stereo system in check.


(I did have one guy come by and scream at me last year… “Turn that Fucking Shit Down…” What? What? I can’t hear you… LOL.. But I turned it down.. Since he lived 5 houses away.. I figured maybe it was a bit loud.. BTW.. That was not at 4:30 am.. Although I have done that once about 7 years ago… I had a little noise warfare with one neighbour… He cranked up his Harley around 5-7 am on most Saturday mornings.. Just for shits and giggles…Right when I was going to sleep after partying…Naturally, I was thinking.. Ohhhkay fucker.. I’m a nice guy, but enough is enough… Tomorrow, I will treat you to an F1 race start that will put your bikes engine noise to shame… Which it did… Big time…I cranked up F1 da next morning with the speakers propped up at the open window…

This caused all kinds of other problems since the sub woofer turned up just half way makes the windows shake on the other side of my house… So, you can imagine how freaked out people got when the green flag dropped… Imagine being dead asleep and at the crack of dawn all of a sudden it sounds like fighter jets are flying through the house and the windows are vibrating, etc… ROTFLMAO… Ohhh that was some fun shit to pull off back in da college days… My other neighbors got over it.. Actually, later on I found out that they didn’t mind at all, since they were sick of dumbass and his bike, but they didn’t want to start drama with him… hehehe I took that one for da team… Just 4 Da Taste of course!!! :lol_tb:

Since Formula 1 has exercised its option to put four races on broadcast television in 2005, this weekends Canadian Grands Prix will be shown on CBS.

Here is the F1 RACE SCHEDULE for the rest of the season:
(To be on the safe side, you should check with your local stations since broadcast rights and times may be different in your area)

Date Name Channel PT

06/12/2005 Canadian Grand Prix CBS 10:00 a.m.

06/19/2005 US Grand Prix SPEED 11:00 a.m.

07/03/2005 France Grand Prix SPEED 5:00 a.m.

07/10/2005 British Grand Prix SPEED 5:00 a.m.

07/24/2005 German Grand Prix CBS (Tape 10:00 a.m.)

07/31/2005 Hungarian Grand Prix SPEED 5:00 a.m.

08/21/2005 Turkey Grand Prix SPEED 5:00 a.m.

09/04/2005 Italian Grand Prix SPEED 5:00 a.m.

09/11/2005 Belgium Grand Prix SPEED 5:00 a.m.

09/25/2005 Brazilian Grand Prix SPEED 10:00 a.m.

10/09/2005 Japan Grand Prix SPEED 10:30 p.m.

10/16/2005 China Grand Prix SPEED 11:00 p.m.

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Danica Patrick makes Indy history on May 16, 2005

INDIANAPOLIS — It wasn’t meant to be for Danica Patrick. Despite turning in the fastest lap of the day Sunday, a shaky start left the rookie sensation fourth in qualifying for the Indianapolis 500.

It will be the best start in the race by a woman. But after putting up the second-fastest time in practice this week, Patrick — a 5-2, 100-pound dynamo from Roscoe, Ill., who had proved she belonged all week — was not in the mood to celebrate.

“I’m a little disappointed,” said Patrick, whose final lap of 227.860 mph during her four-lap qualifying run was the best in the field. “I had a car capable of winning the pole, and we were almost there. That just shows how high our expectations have increased.”

At the end of the day, the pole belonged to Brazilian Tony Kanaan, who won the 2004 Indy Racing League championship. It is the first Indy 500 pole for Kanaan, who started second in 2003.

Patrick’s final three laps of 227.638, 227.623 and 227.860 were pole-worthy. But a dangerously wobbly move through the first turn left her with a first-lap time of 224.920 and cost her a shot at more glory.

“The balance was off a little bit,” she said. “That was the closest thing to spinning that I’ve had yet. That was a big scare.”

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