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LiRul's Tasty Linux Corner


    Get Debian Linux! Da Tasty OS Used by LiRul

    This tasty page is all about Linux and  da tasty LiRul.. 

    LiRul is a skilled Linux administrator who  has been workin it with Tux for many tasty years.  LiRul's respect and bond with Tux and the open source community has thrown him into many interesting scenarios, which his fellow penguin supporters can surely relate to. 

    Of course throughout the years,  LiRul has always stuck by his belief that supporting and contributing to Linux is the tastiest option available. Since the day he made this decision, the young LiRul of the past has become a successful and valued member of the open source community and selected companies.  

    Why was LiRul and not one of the other highly skilled Linux admins chosen to be the Master of our Linux Corner? 

    The answer is simple...  LiRul found us, and helped us out when our other venture was in some deep (****) you know what.  = )  And of course he did it all for free..Did it just 4 da taste.. 

    We feel that providing additional space and bandwidth to the open source community LiRul has introduced to us,  is the least we can do.  Of course we also look forward to learning about Linux and other open source projects, while getting to know other people out there who would care to contribute to our library of Linux material, or  join our forums. 

    Many people out there appreciate your help and  need some advice like we did.

    We would like to thank all the people who contribute their time and efforts to the open source cause, and of course many thanks to our good friend LiRul, who is making sure that the future of  this site is tastier than ever!   

    If you got this far, thanks for taking the time to read this...

    And.... The # 1 reason LiRul is a perfect fit for our team? 

    You got it... it's because like all the rest of us here at,

    LiRul does it 4 Da Taste!