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Why Debian GNU/Linux

A Computing Platform to meet your needs: Debian GNU/Linux

Debian is one of the most popular Linux distributions, i.e., a collection of software based around the Linux kernel designed to ease installation, administration, and use. 2003 was a banner year for Debian GNU/Linux as it celebrated its 10 year anniversary and received numerous accolades and honorable mentions in the press. 2004 started with Netcraft's report that Debian is the Debian Fastest Growing Linux Distribution for web services. LinuxForce has used Debian extensively since 1996. Most of our products are based on a Debian platform.


* Some of Debian's key advantages in providing a platform to meet your needs: Debian has the most carefully thought out policy of any computing platform.
* Relatively straightforward configuration and upgradeability.
* Source code availability to help us find bugs and customize features to better meet your business objectives.
* Support by a community that includes over 1200 registered developers.
* The most cosmopolitan Linux distribution with large installed bases in every region on SpaceShip Earth making it uniquely positioned to benefit from the growing trends of globalization.
* Supported by a guiding vision in its Social Contract and Software Guidelines that will ensure a dedicated army of committed people to keep Debian growing better and better on a sustainable basis.
* The best bug tracking system of any Linux distribution to route out bugs and misfeatures.
* The synergetic effect of these advantages is that our Debian-focused development is less expensive and more robust than if we based our software on other Linux distributions.
* More advantages are discussed in the Debian Advantages HOWTO.